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Monday, May 9, 2011

mom | Do We Need This Accessory?

Happy Monday! Above is my attempt on Mother's Day to get a photo of me and the kiddos. The photo roll was hilarious. You'd think I was pinching them! We'll keep trying....

I've been pondering the need for personalized note cards and business cards lately. (Mainly for when I accost a stylish mom on the street for a photo.)

Recently I actually wrote a (gasp) handwritten note to someone - and I literally had to rip out a sheet of notebook paper and scrawl out a message. It was ugly. I was embarrassed. This is not how I want to represent myself!

I was checking out the gorgeous selection of personalized note cards at Minted and saw these hilarious cards for moms (also seen here). Would this be helpful in my quest to make more mom friends? Or not? :)



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