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Monday, May 2, 2011

how to | Newspaper Derby Hat for Kids

Mommy has a crazy Derby hat, so Caroline should have one too, right? :) Here's how we made one for just the cost of a newspaper.

You'll need newspaper, a stapler, scissors, tape and some kind of decoration. I used tissue paper. You can also use paper streamer, ribbon, flowers, pretty much anything.

First, put 2-3 double newspaper pages on your child's head splayed out in different directions.

To make the head mold, hold the paper around your child's forehead and go around with tape at least twice.

Then fold up the edges and staple to create the brim.

I made tissue paper flowers to decorate. Cut a long, wide piece from the tissue paper (this is a great task for kids practicing scissor skills) and scrunch at the bottom to form a flower. Then your child can attach the flower to the hat with tape.

The final piece had a few extra bits of decoration (puff balls, buttons, etc). I think Caroline liked it because she was happy to model! And it looks like Henry wants one too!

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