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Thursday, May 5, 2011

happy | Caroline's New Bedroom

Happy Friday! I'm so excited for the weekend - it's Derby time! I have lots of hats to wear - too bad I have no idea who is running in the race! What are your plans?

Remember this Goodwill lamp & desk makeover? Well I had to show you where it ended up! It made me - and Caroline - really happy this week to get her big girl bed set up (aka a mattress on the floor for now). So out with the crib and in with the desk!

Her bedroom before. I was so tired of pastel and pink.

So now it's red and turquoise with some yellow. I would love the walls to be a darker shade but that's for another day. We knocked off the awesome Enzo Mari Apple print and I framed a few pages from a Madeleine book that I got on clearance.

We spend about 15 minutes every night picking out books every for her to read to her babies in bed. This, of course, drives me totally bananas. But check out Caroline's lovely bookshelf - it was made by her super talented Papa.

But she stays in bed - that's the important thing! She's happy so I'm happy. :)

Let me know what made you happy this week!



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