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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To Mom, Susanna, Claire, Janet, Kakki, Patti, Christie, Margaret, Julie, Nikki, Maria, Amber, Stephanie, Amanda, Lynn and every fabulous mother who reads this blog or who I have bugged for a feature - eat some cake and have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

For this mother, your comments and email love have made my day countless times. Thank you for voting for me as a Stylish Mom (we ended up #36!). 

I look at my 2 little ones and think, how can it be that I am your mother? It seems so unreal at times. Then I hear Caroline saying "I crack myself up" or "Don't ask me that again" and I know she's mine. And I'm pretty sure Henry got his 'tongue of concentration' and penchant for curiosity (i.e., danger) from me too. They are cute enough to break your heart.

The card I sent my mom said thank you for teaching me two things: how to love and the importance of family. The older I get, I realize that's pretty much all that matters. I will try to remember that the next time I am overwhelmed with Henry's incessant rooster cry and Caroline's OCD about dot blanket and the 8 different baby dolls. Deep breath. Keep it in perspective. The day-to-day can get so overwhelming that you forget that all you really need to do is love them and keep them close.

I'm hoping for a lovely card and some french toast from Lynn's Paradise Cafe for Mother's Day. Okay, and this Lipstick Dots 1 print from Cocoa & Hearts. Isn't it lovely?

Maybe we'll put that one on the birthday wish list. Today I will settle for a photo - just one! - of me with both of my kiddos. Wish me luck!

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