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henry happened: May 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I've been having a thing for neon lately - especially yellow. Looking through my Pinterest "likes" it seems that almost all of them include my new favorite color! So when I saw this Asos ring I thought it would be fun to dip into my (ever growing) clay stash to re-create my own neon ring. A simple statement accessory is a great way to get in on the neon trend.  

What you'll need:  

1. Neon colored clay  

2. Square or circle rings with recessed base. Both available at major craft stores. I found the square ring in the same aisle as the clay. 
3. Glue


1. Knead the clay in your hand until it softens. Then turn over your ring and press into the clay.


2. Cut out the shape with a smooth knife and trim until it fits into the ring. Bake according to clay package directions.  

3. When it comes out of the oven, make sure it easily fits into the ring. While it's still hot you can trim to fit if needed.

4. Once it cools, glue into place.  

The result!
Aak! Does my hand seriously look like that?

Because I love short hair bling, I made a few neon bobby pins as well. I didn't really wait for the glue to dry before taking pictures (I'm a little impatient) but the Tacky Glue dries clear and does a good job of holding. You can also use E-6000.  

For more fun with clay, check out this necklace or these colorblock bracelets.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Pink Stone Necklace


I'm having a thing lately with pink necklaces (like the one I wore yesterday), and I recently snapped a photo of this pink stone necklace at a local jewelry shop. The shades of pink are so gorgeous - but the $100 price tag was more than I could justify.

Then I happened to be at JoAnn's on an unrelated jewelry mission and found some amazing stone beads. And they come in great colors - I got pink and purple and they also had blue and turquoise. And guess what, they were only $9! I swear I've seen almost the exact same stone beads for more than $40 at other bead stores - so get yours fast!  

What you'll need:  

1. One strand of stone beads in the color of your choice. Note: The above strand is how the stone beads come. They will already be attached via large jump rings.  

2. 7 large jump rings. These also came from JoAnn's.

 3. Jewelry chain. I used about a foot of chain I had on hand. You can find all kinds of styles at JoAnn's while picking up your beads.  

4. Pliers. Not absolutely necessary but helpful.  

1. Open the jump rings between the stones and insert one of the new large jump rings.  

2. Decide how long you want the necklace and cut your length of chain. 3. Attach the chain to the end of the stone strand with jump rings. You won't need a closure because the necklace will fit over your head. 


Monday, May 7, 2012

Sister Re-Style | 4 Ways to Wear Rolled Jeans

My gorgeous sister Susanna recently came to visit, and we couldn't resist a bit of dress up. Below is a typical casual Saturday look, and while I love the purple top and coral wedges, it completely hides her figure (and the shoes). I thought I'd share the four ways we re-styled the look using the tops she brought and her rolled jeans as a base.  

BEFORE: Cute but hides the figure - and the shoes!  
Susanna knows that jewel and earth tones look great on her but (like me) struggles with how to take the outfit to the next level with accessories. As a mom, I think it's hard to add the bit of "drama" that turns a basic casual look into something special. So it was fun to play around with bold accessories and see how they changed up the look. And doesn't she look great in purple lipstick?!

Outfit 1: Statement Necklace and Glam Wedges  
Outfit 1: First, we hiked up her rolled jeans to show off fun gold wedges. As a short girl, I'm always worried that rolling my jeans will cut off the leg line and make me look shorter. But I think the key is making it clear you deliberately rolled the jeans. Make it obvious! Stay away from a tiny, my-pants-are-too-long roll like in the before shot.  

Outfit 2: Bold Pink and Coral Wedges  
Outfit 2: We had to show off her adorable coral wedges! But I love how great it looks paired with a casual T-shirt and pink accessories - not a color combination Susanna would normally wear. Super fun and easy for a casual Saturday. 

Outfit 3: Casual tank top and flats  
Outfit 3: You can wear rolled jeans with flats and still look pulled together! We switched out the shirt to a more figure hugging tank top that can be worn with or without the jacket. I swear tank tops are the most versatile clothing item I own. They are light weight enough to wear under a jacket or you can layer two tanks of different colors together.  

Outfit 4: Dress it up with heels  

Outfit 4: I love the look of rolled jeans with a great pair of heels - it feels like an easy dose of sexiness when you're not wearing a dress. You can take a day look to night just by switching to heels, pulling up your hair and adding a sparkly handbag.  

What closet basics do you re-style all the time? Are you a fan of the rolled jeans? (I admit I am - and not just because I'm short and ALL of my pants are too long.)