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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steppin' Out: What Not To Wear

Nothing like a photo to ruin a good run of denial. I took one look at this pic and literally came inside and got on the treadmill.

And this weekend I destroyed those jeans. Apparently I'm dating a largish fellow if these are my "boyfriend" jeans.

But I do still like the scarf and earrings that I got for Mother's Day. (Ok, I returned my actual gift and got these - feel a wee bit guilty about that.)

I've been wanting to link up (you know how I love a good link up) with Steppin' Out over at Harper's Happenings. So I tried again on Saturday for a decent "outfit." I'm apparently a masochist because I chose horizontal stripes in a rather non-flattering tunic. Without serious Spanx support. Those photos are safely buried. And I have a new item for the consignment store!

Making me feel marginally better (though a cookie would be better): At least the Loft jeans were thrifted and ripping them apart felt really good (DIY to come).

Plus I'm back on the exercise bandwagon. I feel really good that I lost all of my baby weight (47 pounds, yikes!). Now my goal is Just 10 More and I will be a happy, skippy gal.



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