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Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Things that Inspire Me (& giveaway winner!)

I love seeing what sparks the creativity of artists I love. And since giveaway winner posts are such a snooze (unless, of course, you're the winner!) I asked Romina, the creator of the gorgeous Dear June scarves and jewelry, to share 5 things that inspire her. Enjoy the peek into what she is into!

P.S. Find out if you are the winner of the $50 hand dyed scarf below!

1// TOAST catalogues

Not only the products but also the photography, atmosphere and nature inspired life philosophy they evoke in their pages. These catalogues are like silent, beautiful movies.

image source

2// Anything related to the sea

The beach, the breeze, the sun shine on the water… I love collecting shells and stones and bringing them inside the house. My nature elements collections inspired my work at Miles of Light.

3// White rustic and simple

I love houses where white, wood and simplicity govern so I can fill the space with colors and textures depending on the season.

image source

4// Feathers

Feathers, feathers, feathers! I love them in any size, shape, color and to do anything or just display on their own.

image source

5// Antique jewelry

Bold, rustic, old, statement pieces full of a native and ancient sense of history. Indian, Arabian, gypsy… the way they've been handcrafted and passed from generation to generation makes them even more interesting. I might start a collection of my own.

image source

And congratulations to Kelly B! You are the winner of hand dyed scarf from Dear June. Let me know what color you would like!



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