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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Creating Family Traditions

The other thing I did during my blog break was stalk the Design Mom blog. I mentioned before that she's my idol - I think I have a little crush on her and totally want to be bffs. She's my new Gwyneth. I read ALL of her archives, starting way back in July 2006.

I'm in awe. She's a great mom (of 6!), her family has style, she still has a crush on her husband, and she's a funny and smart blogger. (Plus prolific! I lost some serious sleep.)

Aside from inventing the blog giveaway and being a major social media champion, she has an amazingly creative and close knit family. What I loved most? The Blair family traditions:
  • Breakfast in bed on birthdays
  • Scary bedtime stories during October - plus clever homemade costumes
  • Family fun nights every Monday night
  • Homemade sibling gifts for Christmas
  • Hilarious pranks on April 1st

It got me thinking about my own little growing family and what traditions I want us to have. A few thoughts...
  • Saturday pancake day - Caroline already asks for this
  • Friday night family dinner with sundown candle lighting
  • Totally stealing the birthday breakfast in bed idea
  • Father's Day BBQ - I don't gush enough about Mark's awesomeness
  • Family Easter Egg Hunt
  • Summer vacation in Delaware
  • Halloween party - I love October. Need to celebrate my birthday (the 29th) and anniversary (the 30th) with something fun.

What family traditions do you have? I'd love to hear!

Ok, now let me get to work on the 3 giveaways I have for you. (Thanks to Gabrielle!)

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