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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Strawberry Picking

Remember our plans to go strawberry picking last weekend?

Yeah, total bust. Turns out we were a couple of days early - picking didn't start until Monday! (Though I swear there were advertisements to the contrary.) What a fun discovery after an hour long car ride with two children who start crying the minute we leave the garage. I'm like a zookeeper tossing back animal crackers every 30 seconds to keep 'em quiet.

But strawberry season had clearly begun! Strawberries are my favorite fruit so we bought enough to last forever a week. A little bit of strawberry ice cream also went a long way in lifting spirits.

And I have to show you these crazy enormous fish we fed (like they needed more food).

This picture doesn't do justice to the HUNDREDS of them wanting to be fed. Crazy.

We may be heading back to try again soon. (See, I really like strawberries.) Any favorite strawberry recipes? What fruit/veggie are you excited for this summer?



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