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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 Picks for Boys

It was a series of unfortunate events today - taking both kids to the doctor, no naps, pooping in the bathtub. Mommy needed wine and shopping therapy. So I indulged in my love of Pinterest eye candy when both (finally) went to bed. I feel much better about Henry's craziness when I picture him in some Godzilla leggings. A few of my favorite finds for the little guy:

1. Godzilla leggings | Original pin by Stephanie
2. Whale fishbowl | Original pin by MV Cat
3. Tool t-shirt | Original pin by Ashley Muir
4. Shoes | Original pin by Stephanie
5. Track tape | Original pin by Liz Durham
6. Raccoon storage bin | Original pin by Ashley Muir

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