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5 Nursery Design Tips for Better Sleep

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 Nursery Design Tips for Better Sleep

Confession time: I have paid money to a sleep consultant to figure out why my son WILL NOT NAP. Things are better (but still not great) and I have largely come to terms that he will never be as good of a sleeper as his sister. Sigh.

That said, I'm still obsessed with all things sleep so, of course, keep up-to-date on my sleep lady's recommendations. She shared these tips from designer Paige Rien on creating a nursery that promotes sleep. Because they can play later.

1. Make it dark with multi-layered window treatments 
{My take: Daylight savings time is killing us! I’m already hearing, "But it’s not dark yet!”}

2. An absurdly comfortable place to sit. 
{My take: Anyone want my Dutailier rocker that I never used? Have a glider chair now that is sooo much better.}

3. Damn good lighting. So you can see what you’re doing. Ideally on dimmers, install both overhead and task lighting. 
{Steph: Lamps with dark shades work nicely too.}

4. The power to tread lightly. ... My favorite? The short-napped, easy-to-clean and replace in-piecemeal-fashion, FLOR tiles that come in a billion colors and textures. 
{My take: Also learn to tip toe and how to sidestep the creaky spots in your 50-year-old floor.}

5. Good supply chain management. ... I am a big fan of dressers in lieu of changing tables, where everything is out and about and it’s ... useless whenever your child is either out of diapers or too big to lug up there. In a drawer, you can keep an eye on the supply, and keep the stuff out of your curious baby’s hands. 
 {My take: Dressers are great until you let your child fall off while wrestling with diaper champ/genie/whatever ... then you get rid of both and go to the floor.}

You can read the full article here

I also think background music and a fan or something for white noise is a must. 

What tips do you have for better sleep?

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