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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY Rosette Hair Pins

Hi, this is Anna from IHOD and I am sharing a little DIY with you today! These pictures are pretty self-explanatory, but I will explain just in case. Start from the top left!

What you need:
  • pre-cut fabric petals or any fabric circles
  • thread & needle
  • bobby pins
1. Fold your first petal in quarters, stitch on the bottom side of the folds.

2. Place the stitching side down into the center of the second petal folded in half. Fold petal around the inner petal and stitch on the sides again.

3. Repeat this step, except add the bobby pin on the inside and stitch around it.

4. On the last stitch, pull through the center of the rosette, cut the thread, and knot. This way the knot will not show on the outside.

Make two or three and wear in your hair!


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