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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cool Mom | Anna from IHOD

I'm so happy to have my friend Anna here today. I first starting reading her gorgeous blog because of her amazing taste and style - then I discovered she has two little ones! How does she do it? Cue major envy. Welcome, Anna!

Hi, it's me Anna from In Honor of Design blog, and I am a mama of two {so far ;)}, and we live in Atlanta, GA. I am thankful to Stephanie for having me as a guest! I think we both share a love for the creative realm and find our outsource on our blogs! :)


My favorite moment of the day: I have a few. One, when my babies first wake up. They both are the happiest when they first rise and are full of smiles. It makes my heart melt. Second, when the kids are asleep and my husband and I have time to catch up with each other and watch movies together.

A typical Saturday morning involves: My husband Gabe likes to cook breakfast on Saturday mornings for us since he works during the week. He is quite good at it I might add! We then usually hit the road and either do errands together or find an outdoor place to hang out. Recently it was the apple orchard!

My go-to product in my beauty arsenal: Mascara. If I have mascara on I feel feminine, like I at least won't scare the neighbors, ya know? ;) Cover Girl Lash Blast is a fave.

I feel my best when: I am enjoying a good meal with my husband, when I am designing or creating, and when I am snuggling with my babies.

My personal style idol is: Rachel Bilson because her style is spot on, but it's relaxed and chic!

My guiltiest pleasure: Watching Rachel Zoe and eating ice cream in my sweats. It does mind and body good. ;)

I am passionate about: Faith and family. They are never compromised. That and all things design related of course. :)

Last skill I learned: How to work my new DSLR Camera, and if you consider applying make-up with a baby on your hip a skill, then I will throw that in too. ;)

My proudest parenting moment: When my 2 year old started to share and give hugs to his little buddies. It made me so proud to know he has a big heart.

I love it when my kids say: My son repeats everything he hears me say so now he calls me by saying, "Hey sweetie! Come here!" I die every time.

Thank you, Anna! Pop over and say hi - and don't miss her giveaway!


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