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Friday, September 16, 2011

10 Tips to Make Your Eyes Post {Guest Post}

Hello friends! Mark's parents are in town and we're having a picnic in the park tomorrow with Caroline's classmates so I'm logging off for the weekend. Enjoy these great guest posts today and Monday! xo Stephanie

Hi everyone! I'm Krista and you can find me over at While He Was Napping. I'm a young, twenty-something Army wife and momma to a little boy. My Mr. Right is the love of my life and best friend. I'm a lucky girl like that. We have a super cute Little Monkey that keeps me incredibly busy and on my toes. He has more energy than I could even dream of. He is the inspiration behind the title of my blog, as I only seem to get things done when he's asleep.

Want your eyes to make a statement?

1. Curl your eyelashes. If you’re applying your make-up first thing in the morning, curl them before you apply any mascara. For extra hold, heat your eyelash curler with your blow dryer for a few seconds. Make sure it’s not too hot! Curled lashes make your eyes appear more open.

2. As far as mascara on the lower lashes, it depends on your eyes. Some eyes it actually closes off and makes them look smaller. For some it creates a dramatic effect that makes your eyes stand out. You’ll have to try it to find out. Use one to two coats of mascara. If you want a little more adventurous or playful look use a colored liner or mascara, like dark blue, green, purple.

3. Try false lashes. Take your time playing with them if you’ve never worn them before. Practice your application technique. Only apply them to the outside half of your own lashes and use a good glue.

4. Invest in a good white shadow. Or a couple of them. Shimmery white will be your best friend. After you have applied your shadow and before your last coat of mascara, sweep a bit of white shadow right below your brows and in the corner of your eye. Extend it under your bottom lashes. Use it as a highlighter, not a color. Using it as a color makes your face look washed out and clownish.



5. Keep your eyebrows groomed. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself the first time, have it done professionally. Then, you can do the upkeep. If you do it yourself, here are some guidelines to follow. Your brows should start at the inside corner of your eye. Take a Q-Tip to help you follow a straight line. Hold one end of the Q-Tip next to your nostril, pointing up. Your brows should begin here.

Drag the other end of the Q-Tip over your brow. The arch of your brow should be at the point where the Q-Tip crosses in front of your pupil when you look straight ahead.

The end of your brow should be where the other end sits right under your eye.

6) Don’t apply eyeliner all the way around your eye. It closes them off and makes them look smaller. On the bottom lashes, apply liner below the lashes and start where your lashes begin. Extend your liner out past your eye just slightly and in a slightly upward slant.

But be careful. If it isn’t symmetrical, your eyes can look lopsided. On the upper lashes, begin the liner in about the same spot as you did on the bottom lashes. Apply the liner as close to the lashes as you can. You may want to apply a white or shimmery silver to your waterline (inside the bottom lashes). Don’t attempt this unless you are somewhat accustomed to and comfortable with objects close to your eye.
Note the shimmery white liner and the black liner.

7. Conceal baggy, saggy or dark circles. Circles distract from those pretty peepers. Find a good concealer and use it for those days when you need a little extra coverage (like those nights when you're up every two hours with a sick baby).

8. Black mascara is more dramatic and noticeable than brown. Apply one coat and let it dry. When it’s dry, dab more mascara on the tips of your lashes. This will make them appear longer. Go slowly and apply it in small quantities. If you don’t, it will clump. Yuck.

9. With your liner, start with a skinny line and get thicker as you get closer to the outer corner of your eye. Use a thin line on your lower lash line.

10. Wear an eyeshadow color that makes your eyes pop:
  • Blue eyes: Blue shades will enhance your eye color while brown shades will draw attention to them because of the color contrast. Combining colors is a great idea.
  • Green eyes: Green shades can help enhance the color, but use moderation. Purples, golds, and shimmery light browns will draw attention to those pretty greens.
  • Hazel eyes: Hazel eyes are fun because they can appear to change colors based on the amount of light, the environment, and the eye make-up you wear. I love having hazel eyes. Purple brings out the gold and green tones in your eyes. Black or gray (such as a smoky eye) brings out the gold. Browns, pinks and lighter neutrals bring the brown. Shades with a silvery or shimmery tint bring out the green.
  • Brown eyes: Charcoals and mauve make your eyes bright and inviting. Blacks and golds enhance the color of your irises and brighten up tired eyes. Gray and taupe are great day wear colors. Green and golds are great night wear colors to pop those chocolate beauties.
Now go flash those big, beautiful baby blues! (Or greens, hazels or whatever you’ve been blessed with.) Go get 'em, Gorgeous!


I hope you'll stop by While He Was Napping! There's a little bit of everything: crafts, recipes, freebies to print, cleaning and organizing ideas, fashion and beauty tips, blogging tutorials, giveaways, things for kids and ideas for date nights. I'd love for you to come over and say hi!


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