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henry happened: Memories from a decade ago {Mark's POV}

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Memories from a decade ago {Mark's POV}

It's 10 o'clock, late (for us anyway). I've been asking Mark all weekend to share his story from 9/11 - he lived in Manhattan at the time and I can't imagine having been so close. We just watched an incredibly moving NY Fire Department documentary, and I finally talked him into sharing a few memories. ~Stephanie

I have many memories from September 11, 2001
  • It was a beautiful day. Somehow the news that there had been a terrorist attack didn't fit with the backdrop of a sunny late summer day.
  • I worked 50 blocks from the World Trade Center, just over two miles. I was running late for work because I had voted on the way in.
  • At our office, we all clustered around the TV someone had stashed under their desk.
  • Outside, all we could see was smoke. Plumes of smoke where the towers had been.
  • We left work to go to the hospital to donate blood. Everyone's thoughts were "how can we help?" No one wanted to sit by idly.
  • There were streams of people on the sidewalk. Everyone was walking, heading North.
  • Cell phones were down. We couldn't communicate with our families to let them know we were safe.
  • I kept thinking of how used the World Trade Center to get my bearing whenever I was walking. How could these buildings be gone?
But I am thankful. The distance between my office and Ground Zero was gigantic, much larger than the mere 2 miles on a map. We were safe.

And I thank those who rushed into the inferno, admire their bravery, and mourn for all those who did not return from work that day.

Photo: National Geographic


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