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Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Buried Under Magazines!

I admit it - I am a magazine junkie. It's like a bad episode of Hoarders here at the Gerbers. Magazine stacks are everywhere!

I kid you not that I have more than a dozen magazine subscriptions (thanks to frequent flyer miles I only pay for one - People - but shouldn't since I now have a free subscription for that one too). I am especially bad at airports. Like I need to add 3 heavy magazines to my carry on when I'm already juggling 2 kids and enough snacks to feed an army.

My favorites: People, Allure (not pictured) and RealSimple. These I actually sit down and read.

September Must-Haves: How can you resist the fall fashion issues? I got the most out of InStyle and People StyleWatch.

My ripped out pages are floating around everywhere. Does anyone have a good organization system I can borrow steal?

Anyone else a magazine junkie too? What are your favorites?


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