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Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY Grocery Planning Organizer | The Letter 4 Sisters

I'm such a goober that I messed up the posting of this yesterday! So I'm trying again today. And don't forget to enter the custom family silhouette giveaway from The Letter 4 sisters! ~Stephanie


I don't think I've raved enough about Jade's genius on meal planning yet. SHE IS CRAZY GOOD AT ORGANIZING MEAL PLANNING! She had this idea about a grocery list a long time ago, and I am going to show you how to make it yourself!

Now, I don't know about all of you, but my grocery lists were always a mess. I would walk through the store, and then back through it again to get the items I missed, then probably back through again to get yet some more items I missed. BUT! Now with this amazing new grocery list (Jade's brainchild) my store trips are so much easier and quicker!

So this grocery printable is split up into groups:
produce, meats, grains, canned/snacks, baking, utility, frozen, dairy, personal, and other. (mine says Costco but the download will say other)
And here is the best part, it's in order of the way the store is laid out! Go through it once, grab only the items that you need, and be done!

I took the printable and made my own grocery list notepad! When you print the list, it will fit 3 lists per sheet of paper. I printed out 17 of these, and I am good for the whole year. (I grocery shop once a week.)

So after you have printed them, cut them out equally.

Them stack them all together in a nice neat little pile

I cut out a board from a cereal box in the same size for the backing.

Next put them all together and make sure they are all as flat and together as possible

Then take some hot glue and run it over the top (p.s. make sure you're gluing the top, I wasn't looking and glued the bottom! It peeled off fine after it was dry but might as well avoid this mistake in the first place ha ha!)

And then before the glue is dry, take another strip of card board and spread across the top. Try to get all of the papers covered in glue.

I repeated this three times to make sure it was all secure.

Then, just to cover the top, I glued a piece of paper to the back and folded it over the front. I didn't glue it in the front; though, to make it easier to tear off the paper.

Now if you made my menu you board, hang this somewhere close by and you have you ingredients easily showing to write onto your grocery list.

Perfect organization!

Doesn't it just make you want to squeal with joy? :)


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