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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ann Taylor | What to Buy and DIY

So I've had Ann Taylor on the brain for a couple of reasons....

1) Did anyone else get a rather random $25 gift card to Ann Taylor in the mail recently? I admit my entire wardrobe was furnished by Ann Taylor Loft when I was a workin' girl but I haven't been in there in ages. And I never shop at Ann Taylor. (Ok, I did buy these stripe wedge wonders at 60% off.)

2) My friend with the out-of-this-world closet has a once a month gig at Ann Taylor to subsidize her clothes habit (a super smart idea, right?). She regularly cleans out her closet and guess who got a first dibs on her castoffs?! So many great Ann Taylor hand-me-downs. I'm in heaven!

3) Have you seen the new Demi Moore ad campaign? (There's a great interview with her at Holy cow, she is an amazingly pretty momma. I would pretty much kill to look like here so here's what I'll save money by DIY'ing and what I might just take home.
Dress | Shoes | Pants (not available yet)

What do you think of Ann Taylor? Do you shop there?


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