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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DIY Braided Hairband | Guest Mom Ana

Hello, it's Ana from Live and Enliven and I'm sharing a DIY from my archives. DIYing is one of the most rewarding life pleasures and I try to squeeze some creativity into my weekly schedule just because it makes me happy.

I used to be very good at documenting my life and events... You know... My birthdays, engagement, wedding, baby's first puke (just kidding). I took pictures of everything and anything but it seems like these days I either forget to take pictures of my projects and new recipes or I just don't have the creativity and inspiration to do it.

I wear this hairband a lot and I actually made some other versions too. Here's how I made it:
You will need a piece of stretchy material (an old t-shirt will do the trick), scissors, thread, needle and pins.

Step One. Cut thin strips of material, if you want to make it thick you will need 15 pieces for 5 braids.

Step Two. Take 3 pieces of material and pin them at the top so that the braid stays together as you make it and pin the bottom when you finish.
Step Three. Once you have all 5 braids done place them one on top of the other, grab the ends and twist them.

Step Four. Sew all the ends together.

Step Five. Cut an extra piece of fabric, make sure it's wide and long enough to cover the part where you sew the ends.

Step Six. Sew that piece of fabric and turn it inward so that the stitches are not visible.

You are done!

Time to wear it!


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