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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Cool Mom : Meet Basilmomma

Meet Heather, aka Basilmomma. Her blog instantly inspires the mom cook with her smart breakfast strategies and kid-tested family meals. Maybe it's because I love basil, but everything she makes sounds easy and looks delicious! Heather graciously agreed to answer out Cool Mom questions for Cooking Week.

Names & ages of children: Noah, 11 and Jacob, 8

Feel best about being a mom when: my kids brag about me to others when they think I am not listening. I recently started writing a column in our local paper. Both of my kids, without my knowledge, took the article to school to share with their classes. It was really something that I had done something that they were so proud of. 

Favorite family ritual: My husband and I put both of the boys to bed together. We ask them if they had a good day, their highs and lows. They each get the same number of kisses on each cheek, tucked in and a story or song. I don't know when we started this, I just know if we ever try to NOT do this we have a mutiny on our hands. :)

Biggest mom-stresser: Sunday nights. I am trying to get backpacks packed, clothes out, breakfasts made, and it never fails that one of my kids drops a bomb on me at the last minute like they need money for school (no cash on hand) or have a HUGE project due that they forgot about. 

Most special moment as a mom so far: I have had several but the biggest would be this January when I had a tumor removed and a partial masectomy. Both of my kids wrote a little note (literally little ... on a post-it) to my surgeon to ask him to be careful with me. They were so worried about me and took such great care of me when I got home. I hope they got a little of that from me. :) 

Worst thing I've passed off as dinner: I once made a box mix, pre-made dinner by Macaroni Grill. We like this restaurant and I had a great coupon so I thought I would get it for a night when I had no time to make dinner. I plunked it down on the table and they both tentatively took a bite.  Almost simultaneously they asked me, "What did we do, Mom?" It was hilarious because they thought I was trying to make the most yucky dinner possible as punishment. I also put Laughing Cow Cheese on Triscuits with ham squares and said that was dinner. My youngest said it was like an appetizer made by a kid. :) 

Go-to kid snacks: Sunflower seeds with craisins and mini chocolate chips, tortillas with spinach and feta sliced into pinwheels, and cut up fruit and vegetables.

Biggest timesaver: I make a week of breakfasts on Sunday nights. That way in the morning I just pop it in the microwave and heat up (or thaw out). 

I keep organized by: I make a lot of lists, i even have lists for my lists. I also keep a calendar up for my whole family to see their activities. 

Best piece of parenting advice: Be consistent. I try to do this but it's not easy. I try to do what I say I am going to do and mean what I say, if that makes sense. 

My mom style is: casual but structured. I am definately the planner so I really feel more like the CEO sometimes. :) 

Where I go online for ideas & inspiration: As far as food inspiration goes I like Ina Garten, Julia Child and Rachel Ray. That is an odd mix but I like to read their cookbooks to get ideas. I read a LOT of cookbooks. I currently have 17 from the library. I am about 1/2 way through a Mark Bittman and I love the new Tyler Florence: Family Meals. I like to think I take a little from each one to build on.

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