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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cooking with . . . America's Test Kitchen

I love America's Test Kitchen - now that I don't have cable, their PBS show is one of my favorites. Editor Christopher Kimball just wrote a great post with his 10 favorite cookbooks. I can't wait to find them at the library. Plus there is a special 15% coupon for Barnes & Noble .

My favorite cookbooks:
One of the best wedding gifts we received (along with the knives) this book really helped this newlywed couple learn how to cook the basics (french toast, roast chicken). Great recipes for the everyday or a fancy dinner party celebration.

A gem from Jessica Seinfeld. She's fun and relatable - she struggles to get her kids to eat vegetables too! She makes classic dinner recipes - meatloaf, chili, tacos - leaner with ground turkey and low fat cheese while not losing the taste factor. Her desserts with beans or spinach hidden inside are amazingly deceptively delicious.

This door stop of a book sat on my bedside table for a month while I slowly read my way through it. And it was not an easy read in bed! But who knew you could do so many things with beans? Amazing. Bittman is a great kitchen coach - he builds your confidence that you can whip up an amazing meal with simple, easy ingredients without needing a recipe.

Just got a subscription for my birthday, and I'm really enjoying their creative and fresh recipes. It's a good in-between of Cooking Light and Gourmet. They help dispell the myth that eating well is expensive with their budget friendly meals.

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