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Monday, February 7, 2011

Enjoying . . . Local Art

Mark and I got the chance to go to a charity art auction to support a local school on Saturday night. A chance to dress up, have a date with free babysitters (thanks, Dad!), enjoy a drink, what could be more fun?

So many amazing things but few in our price range. When we did get up the nerve to bid on something (a great owl picture) I realized I was bidding against our host. Whoops. 

I have visions of creating an art wall like this. It will be fun to have something up there that didn't come from either Mom or Home Goods.
Oct 2010 Lonny

We did wind up with a couple of pictures - even the owl! Here's what came home with us:
1. Feast More by Rebecca Crutcher. Apparently inspired by chaos theory. I loved the rich colors & beautiful frame.
2. Azalea by Rachel Seed. This reminded so much of Caroline.
3. Darla with Flowers by Julia Naiditch, an alumnus of the school the auction supported. I loved the dark pink color & embroidery on the sleeve.

What do you think?

Oh, and Mark couldn't resist bidding on a two-day Porsche driving school. Figures.



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