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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mom Spy : Classics Done Right

mom spy 1 by henryhappened

First of all, do you know how hard it is to take someone's picture on the sly these days? Yeesh. I'd rather just straight up ask, but it sounds a bit kooky (and yes, I know, it probably is...) 

"Sooo, I know you don't know me ... but I have this blog ... where I take pictures of stylish moms ... could I snap a photo of you?"

Does it sound crazy to you? A complete stranger asking to take your photo? Would you let them? On one hand it's a compliment (that you're stylish) but on the other it's a total stranger wanting to post your photo on a blog (if they even know what a blog is, which I didn't till about 3 months ago).

Kooky or not, I took this woman's photo because I loved her seemingly effortless style. Nothing too trendy, just classics like black capris, flats with a little buckle flair, and a nice bag and necklace. Oh, and don't forget the glass of wine!



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