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Monday, April 11, 2011

Gift Guide for Mom

Today is my Mom's birthday (Happy Birthday!). If you missed it, you should check out her great advice - she's a smart lady! Anyway, I've been thinking of all the fun stuff I'd like to get her (ok, and myself) for Mother's Day.

1. Meyer lemon tree via - Because Mom has a thing for lemons
2. Hello Sunshine straw hat via - She is super cute in a big, floppy hat
3. Floral nesting bowls via - You can never have too many serving bowls
4. Felted flowers via - Love these, let me know if someone can find the tutorial

1. Canvas carryall - Because you can never have too many of these either
2. Citrus salt body scrub via - Mom has a thing for lemons & salt, together
3. Initial necklace - To celebrate her beloved grandchildren
4. Cotton scarf via - For the next trip to the beach
5. Leather clutch via - For when Mom is feeling sassy 

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you!

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