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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cool Gal | Cat of BrideBlu

You know that excited feeling when you find a new blog and you instantly love it? Well, head over to BrideBlu and you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm so excited to have Cat here today as our first Cool Gal (it's not just for moms!). She has a gorgeous Etsy jewelry shop, creates a mean collage with tape strips for her blog and loves sippin' A&W root beer floats. Let's find out more of her secrets. Welcome, Cat!

Hi ya, I'm Cat {short for Catherine}. I blog and get my craft on over at BrideBlu. I live with my hubby in Milwaukee, WI. I play the role of city girl but I am an island/country girl at heart. Someday *fingers crossed* hubs and I would like to take root in a rural paradise, plant a big garden, raise a few chickens and live off the land. Professionally, I lead a double life ... a marketer by day and a jewelry maker/blogger by night.

Your favorite moment of the day: My first cup of coffee in the morning which is typically enjoyed sitting at my dining room table looking out at our bird feeder, watching the world around me wake up for the day. It is my moment of solace before I hit the ground running.

What’s the last book that made you neglect everything to finish it: This is slightly embarrassing as I am a grown women but, for the sake of honesty, the Twilight series. *blushes*

What’s in your beauty arsenal? A friend introduced me to a great skin care line, Paula's Choice, about 2 years ago now. It has changed my life. My skin has never been more healthy. Recently, I discovered Urban Decay's Razor Sharp finishing power. I am in love. This stuff is like a magician ... pores, oil, imperfections ... gone with a light application {and it lasts} plus it makes your skin super soft and smooth.

One of my pet peeves: Drivers who don't use their turn signals.

You feel your best when: I've have at least 8 hours of sleep and a full cup of coffee on board :)

Favorite clothing item and why: Jeans, hands down. I have to dress up for work Monday through Friday, so getting to rock jeans instead of "dress pants" is a guilty pleasure.

Guiltiest pleasure: Curling up at night with the hubs and watching a documentary. My tastes span from nature to history to science. Most recently hubs and I enjoyed a documentary called The Human Body: Pushing the Limits. It was fascinating.

Your favorite sources of inspiration: Magazines. I am a self-diagnosed glossy-junky and have subscriptions to at least 10 different magazines. My favs include Lucky, InStyle, Vogue, & Cooking Light. I use the "tear sheet" method ... when I see something I love, I tear it out and stockpile it.

I am passionate about: Animals and nature ... I am really concerned about the impact our decisions today will have on our planet tomorrow. Habitats are disappearing and climates are changing ... this worries me. I try make eco-friendly choices {recycling, walking instead of driving, using re-useable bags, etc.} whenever I can.

On your summer “to do” list: Read Water for Elephants, treasure hunt at as many flea-markets as possible and make a batch {or two} of homemade Macaroons {I hear they are tricky but delish and I really want to try!}.


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